Pharmacokinetics Course
Basel, Switzerland

At Curare, we recognize that a central role in successful drug development is a solid understanding of pharmacokinetic (PK) properties of a new drug.


Are you familiar with terms such as clearance, volume of distribution, absorption rate and elimination half-life, but find yourself seeking a better and/or deeper comprehension of their implications, applications and relevance in drug development? Then join us on the 16th and 17th of April (2024) in Basel for a 2-day basic pharmacokinetics course.

This course is tailored for you to delve into the fundamental aspects of pharmacokinetics.

We will explore:

  • Physiological Processes: Gain thorough insights into drug Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Elimination (ADME), defining the journey and fate of a new chemical entity or therapeutic protein within the body.
  • Basic PK Principles: Understand central concepts such as clearance, volume of distribution, plasma protein binding, first-order kinetics and elimination half-life and how these properties can be used to describe drug behavior. Establish a solid foundation in the principles that underlie drug kinetics and the intricate relationship between the body and administered drugs.
  • Derivation of PK Parameters: Learn the methodologies behind calculating key pharmacokinetic parameters, essential for interpreting drug behaviour.
  • Utilizing PK Data in Drug Development: Grasp the significance of PK/pharmacodynamic (PD) data when designing (non-) clinical studies, selecting the first-in-human starting dose, or preparing a drug submission dossier.

Led by a team of seasoned experts in the field, this course offers a perfect blend of theoretical concepts, practical applications and hands-on exercises. Whether you are already immersed in drug development, a researcher seeking deeper insights, or a professional desiring a stronger grasp of PK, this course is tailored for anyone seeking a thorough understanding of drug kinetics. Completion of this course will empower you to understand, interpret, communicate and challenge gathered PK data.

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The Kinetics of ADME:
• Absorption
• Distribution
• Metabolism
• Excretion
PK Parameters :
• Concepts of Clearance and Volume of Distribution
• Single dose PK parameters
• Hands-on exercises

  • PK Parameters:
    • Multiple dose PK parameters
    • Urinary PK parameters
    • Linear vs non-linear PK
    • Hands-on exercises
  • ADME of Therapeutic Proteins (mAbs/biologicals)
  • The Role of PK and PD in Early Drug Development

April 16-17th 2024

2 days

Radisson Blu Hotel
Steinentorstrasse 25, Basel, 4051

CHF 1,600 (excl. VAT)
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To ensure an interactive session, only a limited number of spots are available for this 2-days classroom training. The cost for this course is CHF 1,600 (excl. VAT), which includes lunches and a joint dinner on Tuesday, 16th of April.

This course will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel, Steinentorstrasse 25, Basel, 4051, Switzerland.

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